Hi, This is Ludoistic. Ludoistic is a LARP Society, it exists basically as an entity to share the logistical burdens of actually running a larp, and an umbrella organisation that can hold things like personal information and medical details without being in the messy grey area between private and corporate. It also exists because getting things like insurance and some sites (especially ones rented out by governments) is easier as an entity than as a person.

Plus, it means a bank account and separating organisers' personal finances from the club's!

You join Ludoistic by buying a ticket for any LARP event under our aegis. Your membership expires one year after the last Ludoistic event you attended. Your details will be held for six months to a year after that, and then deleted from our systems.

Ludoistic is not directly affiliated with any other LARP organisations, and does not share ban lists between events using our services. This does not stop organisers we're working with from talking to each other.

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